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My name is queen-tiye 

(says on my birth certificate). 


I’m an actor and a writer.


I was born in nyc but raised in the boston area.


I currently live in brooklyn.


but i also live in my head.


I don’t find this a weakness

(nor do i find it a strength)


I’m often nervous

(sometimes it shows on my nails)

But i’m even more curious

(it shows in my eyes)


I’ve spent a lot of time alone

(i spend a lot of time alone)


In that time,

I’m in my head.


Often playing,

Often singing,

Often chasing something,

(or running away)

But either way, i’m moving.


And by the way,

Since many people ask,

I’m half black and half filipino.

But i’m mostly lost.


Again, i don’t find that as a weakness


But rather a starting point

My goals are to tell stories

And to find peace of mind.


(But only after the stories)

So until then, let's play.

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